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Dr. Desmond E. Smith, M.D. is a one of a kind physician, offering a one of a kind wellness center. Dr. Smith has cared for patients at the Smith Center for over 30 years as a kindhearted and caring physician and healthcare provider. 

Board certified in diabetes, endocrinology, and metabolism, Dr. Smith and the team at Smith Center is experts in the field of cardiovascular health; understand that prevention is the key. We have a passion for patient care, and offer caring advice and assistance to keep you in good health. 

Your health and wellness is important to us. We offer a fully comprehensive and an all-encompassing method to get you to your peak of wellness with diet, training, exercise, and methods of medicine and nutrition. We provide services of a certified nutritionist to all our patients. 

Caring for many with diabetes, our staff presents a united front in helping you to manage your sugar with medical testing supplies and nutritional advice. With home visits, our staff will check your sugar in the comfort of your house as well. 

Always up for continuing our education, we at Smith Center invest in more and more learning, training, and knowledge. We believe wholeheartedly that knowledge is power and for us, learning is familiarity and awareness to be passed on to our patients. 

Our testing services provide all of our patients with the foremost in technology and latest in equipment. We are certified in performing echocardiography to test your heart right here at the center. Being accommodating to our patients is one of our key philosophies. 

For good health and longevity, as Dr. Smith say, prevention is the key. We promise to assist you in learning all the manners of prevention in order to keep you in good health for your lifetime. 

Use the experienced and professional services at Smith Center for all your health and wellness needs.

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