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At Smith Center, we have proudly served as cardiovascular physicians in Greenville, SC for better than 30 years with encouraging health and wellness ideas and services for those with cardiovascular disease. Our experienced, friendly, and helpful team understands the difficulties patients face for the prevention and treatment of vascular diseases. As a trusted physician, Dr. Smith and our staff affordably assist patients diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. In the same manner, we take the time to help many patients who are prone to heart disease learn the preventative methods needed to be taken. 

The trusted and innovative team at Smith Clinic offers personalized care instructive ideas to help prevent cardiac problems in the future. At the same time, our experts in the field along with our wonderful cardiovascular physician, give the best of care and advice to those who have suffered from any form of disease from diabetes to cardiovascular to amputees to simply having elevated cholesterol levels. We handle each patient with individualized treatment, care, and assurance that we simple do care. 

We want all our patients to be in the best of health, and our clinic provides many services that can assist. All of testing is done in house, including specialized certified vascular laboratory services. We offer home visits to check on patients with difficulties in getting out and about. A licensed and certified nursing is available for medication management at home as well. 

Our testing services include carotid ultrasound, echocardiography testing, stress testing, transcranial Doppler testing, along with blood and no invasive testing. We also provide peripheral arterial and venous studies. We feature specialty services that include massage therapy which is great for relaxation. 

A large part of our care includes your nutrition. Our certified nutritionist will work together with your personal team and assist with a free complementary diet for weight loss. We can even help with excellent exercise programs and of course we are always here for encouragement. 

Arrange for a consultation with our cardiovascular physician and team at Smith Center and let us help you get healthy!​

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