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At Smith Center, we believe preventive cardiologists in Greenville, SC, is what you need when looking at an unhealthy lifestyle. Our disease prevention methods can help you from future diseases such as diabetes and heart disease with an accurate first diagnosis, and patient focused services. 

The traditional method to caring for cardiovascular disease tended to treat after the fact. We believe however that prevention before it happens is important. Our staff specializes in precautionary health care to help deter any later health issues. Our goal is to reduce the risk associated with heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. 

Of course we offer rehabilitative services if you have had a heart attack or stroke, but we can help to prevent another with our compassionate and comprehensive care. The crux of the matter lies with helping you to live better, with good diet, exercise and less stress. 

We provide a great preventative cardiologist team to assist which includes one of the top educated physicians in cardiac health, an expert team of cardiac trained nurses and aides, a certified nutritionist, along with a planning team for therapy, exercise, and diet. All of these services are offered at one very low and affordable price. 

Our staff is also proficient with assisting patients with loss of limb therapy and those who have and are suffering from kidney disease. We can give you the therapy, counseling, and care you need to help learn how to deal with these health issues in a normal and healthy fashion. 

We are the foremost of cardiology clinics in the area, and provide one of the best and most well educated preventive cardiology physicians in the state. Dr. Smith is renowned for his publications on heart disease, heart failure, and type II diabetes. His most endearing trait however is that he simply cares about his patients. 


When needing better health services and care, you want the best preventive cardiologist team so let us show you both!

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