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As a leading primary care physician in Greenville, SC, Dr. Smith and staff believe that knowledgeable and continuing care is tantamount to good health. We provide experienced, professional, and qualified health care from friendly and helpful health care providers. 

Our team at Smith Center specializes in caring, exceptional services for adults and adolescents with a licensed and caring practitioner. We offer a perfect match system in which patients get to know one on one the entire care team who will be assisting with everything from testing to annual physicals. This includes seeing our primary care physician on a regular basis for all your regular checkups and appointments. 

Servicing you consistently and on a regular basis is important. Seeing the same physician and team obviously is comforting, and we want to assure your comfort and security with us. Our guarantee to you is that you are our only focus when you come in for any health care services. 

We have the most proficient and expert nursing team in the entire Greenville, SC area and proudly offer home visit services. Dr. Smith, the premier for diabetes care will help you with medical and diabetes supplies delivered right to your home. Our certified nutritionist can assist with diet and meal shopping plans personalized for your care.  

Our team also is well educated on metabolic syndrome. This is a sign of vascular disease, suggesting a higher risk for the onset of diabetes and heart attacks. We provide testing for this syndrome with exams on hypertension, cholesterol levels, weight and BMI testing and blood glucose level tests. 

Once we establish if you need precautionary services for your health, Dr. Smith and staff aggressively create a plan and program to assist you with good preventative measures. We believe a sound defense is synonymous to good health. 

Start with the primary care physician at Smith Center and arrange all your wellness checkup and appointments today.

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